I hoped my daughters didn't inherit my poor vision

My name is Toni and I am a forty one year old mother of two. I have trusted Dr. Despotidis with my eyes for over twenty years. I have had very poor vision from early childhood and have worn glasses and contacts most of my life until I was able to get laser surgery a few years ago.

As both my children were growing up and becoming young women, taking them to doctor appointments, like every other mom, was routine. My older daughter needed braces at an early age, and I thought no big deal, she’ll have beautiful teeth for life. It was every time my daughters would have an eye exam that I would secretly pray neither one of them had inherited my poor vision.

Unfortunately, my younger daughter, Julia, was the unlucky one. She hid her vision problems from my husband and I for awhile, never complaining or having any problems at school or in sports. One day I asked her to read something on a big screen for me and she couldn’t, confirming for me what I feared, that her eyes were or could become as bad as mine.

Julia is very headstrong, when she wants to do something, she will complete it however hard it may be. She was being just as headstrong when it came to having to wear glasses; she wanted no part of them no matter what. And in my opinion, at 11 years old, I didn’t think she would be able to handle contact lenses everyday.

When it came for Dr. Despotidis to examine Julia, he gave us another alternative, the Gentle Vision Shaping System. It seemed like the perfect solution for us, Julia didn’t have to wear glasses. Which I know regardless of how trendy they were, she would have hated them, and I didn’t have to worry about her wearing contacts everyday.

From the beginning when my husband and I decided that GVSS was right for our daughter, we had plenty of questions about it. Most importantly, Dr. Despotidis took his time and answered each one in terms that Julia would understand as well.

Julia is doing very well with this program and I feel extremely lucky that we are able to offer her this alternative to improve her vision. As a mom, the most important job I have is to make the right choices for my children; from the food they eat, to the schools they attend and the doctors they visit. I feel that Dr. Despotidis is the very best choice I can make for the both of them. His professionalism is second to none along with his honesty, sets him apart from the rest. I wouldn’t trust my and my family’s eyes to anyone else, and I hope he will be around long enough for my children to say the same for their families.


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