My Science Fair Project

Every year at my school, they hold an annual Science Fair. (I mean "they" as in the Principal.) You and either one or two or three (or four?) of your friends can put together a project on whatever a science-related topic you choose.

My friends, Crystal and Kaylyn and I decided to group together and make a project. We decided not to pick topics that everybody chooses, like volcanoes, or tornadoes, etc. We went over millions of different subjects, but we just couldn't find one that seemed to fit us. Just when we were about to give up, somebody piped up: "Hey! Why can't we do it about our lenses and how Clear Care works to clean them?" And we all thought, "Wow, what a great idea! We all use these lenses and we all use Clear Care too!" Everybody including the three of us could also find out how great these work and how the lenses actually get cleaned with the bubbling action!

To tell a bit more about why we chose this topic, I will explain: Number one, I, Jasmine, Kaylyn, and Crystal, all wear these lenses. Second, we really like them! And Third, we all want to learn how they get cleaned so easily!

So, we soon got together and made a poster talking about Clear Care and the science reaction as it gets neutralized so it doesn't sting your eyes. My friends and I also wrote a bit of drama -that advertizes these night lenses- to perform as we presented our project so our presentation wouldn't be so boring and we wouldn't have to go on droning about scientific explanations and making the audience fall asleep.

To add a bit of excitement in this paragraph, I will demonstrate how it went, ahem:

"HEY KEEDS! Do you wear glasses? Do you hate them? Do you not like it when you are having fun and jumping around but then: ( Yell and jump around, glasses fall, say " AAAH! I can't see!" and jump two more times, saying: CRUNCH CRUNCH. Then say,"aaaa! I stepped on them!!!") Do you not like it when you are swimming and can't wear them? (Make swimming motions with arms and blunder around blindly into everything, saying, "WAUGH! Where am I! I can't see!") Well! There's a solution! And no! We're not talking about contacts! (stick finger into eye while making squelchy noise, then say, "OW!", and do the same thing with the other eye, then stick arms in front of self and walk around yelling, "I"M BLIND! IíM BLIND!") We're talking about nighttime lenses! (stick finger in eye and say, "aah...", do the same with other eye.) SO! COME AND BUY THEM NOW!

In the end, our project turned out fantastically. Everybody who listened thought it was extremely interesting, and we learned a lot and also had a lot of fun in the making of it!


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