As soon as I started wearing the lenses, my entire life went back on track.

My name is Alice, and I am a certified bookworm. When I was really young, I would read books nonstop, regardless of whether it was day or night, dark or light. I’d never have imagined it then, but even reading books had its downside. In 6th grade, I had to get my first pair of glasses because I couldn’t see anything the teacher put on the board. But even glasses didn’t stop my vision from getting worse. After that initial pair, I had to get four more pairs, each one stronger than the last. Every year, the thickness of my glasses increased, and pretty soon, my grades started dropping. By 8th grade, my vision was so bad that I literally could not see what I was typing on my computer screen without glasses. By then, I was starting to lose hope of ever being able to see again without huge heavy glasses.

That year, I tried contact lenses, but even that had its downsides. Since I was a swimmer, the chlorine irritated my lenses and affected my performance. And because I could only wear them in the day, at night, I was as blind as a bat without echolocation. My sincerest wish was to be able to see perfectly again without glasses or contacts—and I was willing to do anything, including putting a stop to my reading—to achieve that dream.

When my mother first brought up the topic of GVSS lenses, a new type of contact lens that she’d heard about from a friend, I’ll admit that I completely ignored her and shot down the idea. I was sick of contacts and glasses, and I’d given up all hope of being able to see normally again without laser eye surgery. However, my mom persisted, and she dragged my brother and me along to EyeCare Professionals. Now, three years later, I can honestly say that that one appointment changed my whole life.

My eye doctor was appalled by my vision and the fact that it kept getting worse. He vowed to put a stop to that—and he did. With the Gentle Vision Shaping System (GVSS), I only had to put in my contacts at night before I fell asleep, and in the morning, I could take the lenses out and see everything clearly. I’d never have thought it possible, but that doctor gave me back the only thing I’ve ever wanted—my vision. I could once again see perfectly in the daytime without glasses or contact lenses.

As soon as I started wearing the lenses, my entire life went back on track. My grades, which had been suffering, suddenly shot up again because I could focus better. I made the high school swim team and varsity lettered in my first year. And best of all, I was still able to read everything I wanted at whatever time I wanted without worrying about my vision getting worse.

Now, I’m attending college on a full scholarship. I have my whole life ahead of me and nothing petty like bad vision to drag me down. If someone had asked me a few years ago what I thought the best invention was, I would probably have said computers, or airplanes, or maybe books. But now I have a different—and simpler—answer. Because personally, I know that without GVSS, nothing else would have ever been possible.


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