Within a few days after wearing these lenses during sleep, I was totally free from my glasses!

I started wearing glasses when I was a 2nd grader. My vision went straight down hill from then on and required a new pair of glasses each year. My parents were worried, but there was not much they could do…Mom vexed about the possibility that I might one day end up like one of my cousins, who is close to legally blind without glasses… And we faintly remember some friends’ kids tried wearing contact lenses during sleep hours. But the word of mouth seemed to be mixed. So what should we do? Miraculously, just then, I bumped into childhood friends at the tennis club. Dad and I noticed their glasses were gone. So we asked. And they told us their success stories after switching to “Dr. D.” Both of them had been wearing contact lenses during sleep, and went without glasses during the day. Better yet, their eye visions stopped declining! Dad jutted down the phone number. That was the beginning of my journey to the farewell of my nerdy glasses! Within a few days after wearing these lenses during sleep, I was totally free from my glasses! Better yet, my eye vision has been 20/20 plus throughout the day. I perform better in sports. And I look forward to my next school picture – one without glasses!


Doctor's Comments:

We often ask current Gentle Vision Shaping System (GVSS) wearers to write a short paragraph outlining their experience with GVSS. This month, Austin took it to a new level! He embraced this request with such zeal, the result of his hard work is revealed in his testimonial’s content and sincerity. If you look over Austin’s academic resume it should come of no surprise. Austin is entering the Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology in the Bergen County this fall. He graduated from the Middle School of Rutgers Preparatory School, with Highest Academic Honors. We take great pride is presenting Austin’s essay: “A Farewell to Glasses.”

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