Our family eye doctor tried but could not help!

My parents found that I was near-sighted when I was in first grade. They took me to a doctor to check my eyes after receiving a note from my school nurse. I was –1.25 degrees near-sighted. The doctor said I needed a pair of glasses. However, I hated the glasses, even with the best frame my mom chose for me. My mom kept receiving notes from my teacher who told her that I did not wear my eyeglasses in school. My eye doctor found that my eye were now –3.75 degrees near-sighted after 1 year.

My mom heard Dr. D and talked with him regarding the GVSS lenses. She came back and discussed the GVSS with our family eye doctor, who did excellent job fitting soft contact lenses and glasses for us in the past.

Our family doctor said he did it too, and he was cheaper. So we started with our family eye doctor. I tried my first pair of lenses for 20 days and the doctor said my near-sightedness was reduced by –1.75 degrees although I felt my vision was only slightly better. He changed to another pair of lenses, and after another 20 days he announced I was another -.25 degree better. But, I still couldn’t see any better. I continued to try different contact lenses for 6 months. Finally, the doctor announced “that’s it!”

He couldn’t reduce my near-sightedness anymore and I was still -1.75 degrees! He said I would have to wear eyeglasses during the day and wear my lenses at night. This bothered both the doctor and my family. By that time, we had already spent about $1,500.

We talked with a friend who is Dr. D’s patient, and was told that she did not need any eyeglasses during the day. So my mom took me to Dr. D. The first time we saw Dr. Lee. He gave me a pair of lenses and asked me to come back after 7 days. Surprisingly, I was able to see very well without glasses within 3 days! Dr. Lee and Dr. D kept seeing me and fine-tuning my lenses. Now, I have worn the lenses for over 3 years. My recent check-up showed that my vision has remained the same degree and my eyes are perfectly healthy!

We were concerned about the safety of wearing the GVSS lenses. Sometimes I found the lenses bothered me when I put them in at night. After discussing with Dr. D, I learned that my lenses would feel a lot more comfortable if I cleaned them well. Dr. D asked the nurses to show me how to clean them again and I no longer have that problem anymore. We believe Dr. D and Dr. Lee give the best quality of service and the best follow-ups among all the doctors we saw. We (kids) like Dr. D and Dr. Lee A LOT, even my little brother!


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