When I started using GVSS, my vision went from around -6.00 and -7.00 to perfect!

My name is Helen. My two children, Jeffrey, 14, and Emily, 10, both were nearsighted since age seven and had to wear glasses. I worried so much that my son’s vision gets worse every year and sometimes even needs a new prescription of glasses every 6-8 months. We had consulted eye doctors in NYC before we moved to NJ (before the GVSS were available). We were told that because the mother is nearsighted, it is genetic for the children (although my husband has perfect vision), therefore nothing can be or needs to be done.

I first heard Dr. D’s name from a friend in Chinese school. After some research and hearing more and more good words about Dr. D, Emily and I went to his office all the way from Clinton, NJ for a consultation. It was a very good experience. Dr. D spent time to exam Emily’s vision (she was a perfect candidate for the GVSS), explained the rationale and procedures in details, and answered all my questions and concerns. We made an immediate decision to get started. It has been very successful for Emily from the beginning. Her vision was corrected to normal during the day after less than a week of wearing the GVSS at night. She has no problem handling the daily routine. She skips the GVSS when she goes to a sleep over party and still sees pretty good the next day (amazing). Emily now enjoys her skating without worrying about breaking any glasses.

After seeing her sister’s good vision, Jeffrey went to see Dr. D for the same. His vision however was much worse and he also has some “stigmatism”. Jeffrey was determined to try the GVSS and Dr. D took his case. After both Dr. D and Dr. Lee’s hard work, endless effort and multiple adjustments, Jeffrey finally achieved perfect vision as well. He proudly tells his friends why he doesn’t wear glasses any more and what GVSS is about. His vision did not get worse since started GVSS and instead got better.

As a grateful parent, I like to thank Drs. D, Lee and the entire staff for their wonderful work. They are truly the best eyecare professionals. They are always there for you, any questions, concerns or new symptoms, either a phone call or an email, you get all the answers. Dr, D even called back during his vacation in California. They have worked overtime to add on appointments to check Jeffrey’s eyes if any doubt. I highly recommend Dr. D’s team and GVSS to anyone who is nearsighted and wants to improve their vision and halt progression.

Helen - Clinton, NJ

My name is Jeff. My sister Emily and I both use the GVSS system. Emily has been wearing GVSS for about a year now. Her glasses were always in the way when she was swimming and ice skating. Our mom had heard about GVSS and thought that Emily should try it out. It was great! After just a few days, Emily started waking up with perfect vision. Soon, I decided I would use them too. I wore glasses when I was young, and then switched to soft contacts. My vision got worse every year. When I started using GVSS, my vision went from around -6.00 and -7.00 to perfect! When I first saw Dr. D, I couldn’t read any lines during the eye exam, not even the big E. Now I have perfect vision. Our entire family would recommend the GVSS system. Dr. D’s office is great. They are reliable, fast, friendly, and when you have a problem, all you have to do is e-mail or call. Thanks to everyone for helping my sister and I improve our vision.

Jeffery and Emily

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