We have been extremely happy with the results

Since Michael started GVSS about 8 months ago, we have been extremely happy with the results. We were very skeptical about the therapy at the beginning, and worried if Michael can handle all these daily routines of putting lenses in and out and the cleaning, etc. But Michael's vision were getting worse, he was limited in sports, and the glasses changed his look l lot. So we decided to give it a try. Michael started to have 20/20 vision each eye within a week after the therapy. Now he becomes more confident in school and can do much more in sports. He is very responsible for taking care of the lenses. And best of all, his eyesight stayed unchanged since he started.

We were very grateful to Dr. D, who has been very patient in listening to our concerns, is very knowledgeable and convincing in explaining all the details, and is very caring to his patients. We believe we made a right decision to do GVSS with Dr. D.


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