Both of my children use GVSS

My name is Rebecca. My two children, Jonathan and Priscilla, have been using GVSS system since two years ago. Dr. D did a wonderful job working with them to find the perfect fitting lenses for them. Jonathan is 13 and loves to play tennis. One thing that really bothers him is wearing glasses when playing tennis. (He wouldn't even wear sunglasses.) Ever since been on the GVSS system, he just routinely puts on his GVSS lens before bed, and wakes up next morning with perfect visions. He loves the freedom and flexibility. Priscilla is 11 and loves to read. I always worry that her vision will worsen a great deal as she grows. That's why I put her on the GVSS system, and it worked just as I have hoped. Now both of them are very comfortable with their daily routines of caring for and wearing their GVSS lenses. Both can enjoy perfect visions during their busy school days, without the troublesome eyeglasses. I have recommend GVSS to many of my students and friends? kids. I'm very grateful for what Dr. D did for my children.

Jonathan and Priscilla

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