There is marked improvement in our vision and ocular clarity

Depth perception and clarity are very important characteristics in any sport especially in tennis. We were both on soft lenses. Every year our eye power would decrease and it was becoming increasingly difficult to play. Line calls from the other side became difficult to judge. Also on surfaces such as clay soft lenses were a liability. On windy days practice was difficult because of dryness.

Thus, we were looking for an alternative to soft contact lenses, which would allow us to participate in tennis and other activities such as swimming at the levels we desired.

After attending Dr D’s lecture on the gentle vision shaping program we decided to give it a try as the outcome would be that we at least could have 20/20 vision during the day time. We were amazed at the results. After using the lenses for two nights we were able to see better and our vision was returning to normal. Lines and balls were no longer blurred. We could play during windy times. Now with no lenses in the eyes we find that even sudden movements such as serving in a tennis match is not that difficult. The result is that there is marked improvement in the sports that we play and also in our music. Also, there is no vision related headache.

Dr. D’s program is excellent. He is very kind, perceptive, encouraging and engaging. His meticulous nature continues through the process. He spares no effort until he attains the maximum achievable ocular clarity for his patients. He brought us in at various time intervals looking for the right fit for our lenses. He explained with great glee the intricacies of the process, which delighted our parents. The staff was very kind and courteous. Dr D’s assistant Brie is very capable, and kind person. She taught us how to clean and take care of our lenses.

The result is that we are very pleased and content with Dr D’s program. Thus far there is marked improvement in our vision and ocular clarity. We would highly recommend it to anyone looking for alternatives to soft contact lenses.

Josh and Jamila

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