I would recommend GVSS to anyone.

I started using GVSS in 1999. Previously I wore hard contacts. The first change was getting into my car and driving without wearing contacts. I had never driven my car without glasses or contacts in my life. It was an experience, but one I grew accustomed to, and enjoy today.

When I jog or play golf, not wearing contacts is a pleasure. I have excellent vision. Dust in my eye or the contact moving is a thing of the past.

I would recommend GVSS to anyone. You sleep with them but if you forget to put them in at night you can wear them during the day like any other contact lens. I had mine designed as mono vision. I can still read without glasses. My dominant eye is 20/20. But I had the contact in my other eye designed to allow me to read. The result is I can see distance clearly and read without any assistance.

Eugene G. - Hamilton, NJ

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