The result was amazing.

I have two daughters, Jane 14 and Cathay 10. They both wore high degree eyeglasses. Every year, their eye sight got worse and we had to change the eyeglasses for them. It is also very inconvenient for them in any sports event.

My husband and I met Dr. Despotidis (our daughters call him Dr. D.) after my friends told us about his new method of using special contact lenses to treat and halt the vision from getting worse. Dr. D. took time to explain to us in detail about the procedures and our options thoroughly, and the reason why he believed that this would help my daughters, so that we could make an informed decision best for my daughters. After the initial consultation and seeing the results of many of his patients (many of them are my friends’ children), we decided to let our daughters try his procedure.

Dr. D fitted Cathay with comfortable contacts almost immediately. She wears her contacts at night and takes them off during the day. It took several days for Cathay to get used to the contact lenses. The result was amazing. After several days, Cathay can see everything very clearly without any glasses. Now she only needs to wear the contact lenses in the night, and during the day, she can swim, play, and see perfectly without her contacts or glasses. She really enjoys the experience of doing things without any vision help glasses.

Jane, however, proved to be a much more difficult case. Her vision was too bad to risk night contacts. Despite these challenges, Dr. D. halted the worsening of her vision. Dr. D. had to adjust her contacts countless times to achieve a balance of comfort and improvement. Thanks to Dr. D.’s diligence and dedication, after one year treatment, Jane’s vision does not get any worse. So she does not need a new pair of glasses (she used to have to have a new pair of glasses with deeper degrees each year). Dr. D. is now working on getting night contacts for Jane.

Dr. D. is also very kind and helpful. He saw Jane and Cathay through broken and lost contacts, uncomfortable contacts, and gave them the gift of better vision.

After seeing Dr. D. for more than one year, I have the confidence to say that this procedure really works. I am happy that we made the right decision to seek Dr. D.’s help. I would like to thank Dr. Despotidis for his perseverance and would highly recommend him. I am sure that his process could help more kids to see well.

Weiyu - Holmdel, NJ

Doctor's Comments:

Weiyu's children were originally examined by Dr. Tannen. Her daughter Cathay's nearsightedness was not as bad as her older daughter, Jane's, myopia. Initially, we were reluctant to take on Jane's case due to the severity of her myopia. However, with the advent of new lens designs, Jane was able to wear GVSS retainers at night and maintain good vision throughout the day. I'm thankful for Weiyu's patience throughout the treatment, which took well over one year, however the result was well worth the effort.

Dr. Nicholas Despotidis, OD, FAAO

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