I have noticed a huge difference in my eyesight

Since I started the GVSS program, I have noticed a huge difference in my eyesight. I used to wear very powerful glasses and my vision was so poor that I could not even read large words without my glasses. Now, however, I have near 20/20 vision all the time, thanks to the GVSS lenses. Also, I no longer have the hassle of wearing glasses, and I can see clearly in activities that I normally wouldn't, like when I am swimming. Since I do not have to wear anything during the day, I can play more actively in sports like tennis or basketball because I don’t have to worry about glasses being broken or falling off. It is a huge improvement to wearing glasses. The GVSS system is much better than normal soft contacts that are worn during the day, as well. My friends that wear these soft contacts often complain that their eyes are dry, and their contacts have a tendency to fall out. With GVSS, I don't have to wear anything at all during the day, so I don’t have to have any of the worries that are associated with glasses or soft day contacts. Overall, GVSS has made a big impact on my daily life, and my vision.

Kerry with Mom - Basking Ridge, NJ

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