He is able to play tennis, golf and soccer like other children

My two sons, Frank and James, started wearing their glasses in first grade. They are now 10 and 13. They are very active, so glasses made sports almost impossible. A little over three years ago, my oldest son Frank, started to wear GVSS lenses from another doctor. But he wasn't able to take them off during the day because his vision wasn't any good with out them. He wasn't able to see during swimming lessons either. After two years of struggling, we came to Dr. Despotidis for an evaluation. Drs. D and Lee started working with Frank right away. Within a few weeks of trying Eyecare Professionals' program, vision improved significantly. Not having to wear lenses during the day has been a great experience for Frank. He is able to play tennis, golf and soccer like other children, without having to worry about glasses or contact lenses. He can even see well during swimming lessons.

Because Frank was doing so well with the GVSS program, I had the confidence that James would do well too. It took James a while to learn how to care for and clean his lenses, but in a matter of a few weeks, he started seeing better. Now both boys can enjoy playing the sports they love without the hassle and worry of glasses. There are no words that can express our thanks to all the Doctors and Staff at Eyecare Professionals. I am a physician and I highly recommend to anyone who needs glasses or contact lenses to become part of the GVSS program at Eyecare.

Dr. Liu with son Frank

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