It well worth the effort

It took some time and adjustments to succeed with the GVSS system but we now see that it well worth the effort. We started the program last July. It hasn't been a year and David is doing very well. His vision hasn't changed and he really likes the freedom of not wearing contacts or glasses during the day.

When we first started the program, we became a little frustrated because we thought it would work immediately. David had to try a few different pairs of lenses and due to the fact that he is very particular about his vision, we started to think that this was not the program for him. Dr. D. and Dr. Lee were not ready to give up and after a few lenses (and many anxious calls from me), they found the lens that works for him and provides crisp, clear vision.

I have to say that the GVSS system is working very well for us and we want to thank Dr. D. and the entire staff at Eyecare Professionals for being so pleasant, helpful and supportive. You are truly PROFESSIONALS!

Gail and David - Hamilton, NJ

Doctor's Comments:

David has several visual demands. In addition to being an excellent student he has several part-time jobs requiring him to get up very early in the morning. Also, he recently began driving.

Like many parents, Gail was concerned that David's eyes continued to change while wearing soft contact lenses (progressively more nearsighted). When we evaluated David we determined he was wearing his soft contact lenses way too much - many teenagers have a tendency to do this causing a significant amount of oxygen depravation to their corneas (front surface of our eyes).

After significant discussion, David and his mom decided to proceed with our GVSS program. Things did not go easily at first. Unlike David's friend, it took several changes in retainer lenses to obtain optimal vision.

David has been wearing GVSS retainer lenses for over a year and we're glad he has persevered. We continue to work with David to help him with some glare that he is experiencing while driving night, but overall he is doing great.

He maintains excellent vision throughout the day and most importantly his prescription has not changed while wearing his retainer lenses!

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