Ever since that first day there, my life has changed for the better.

I remember the first time I walked into Eyecare Professionals. My eyesight was -2.00 and I was only six, in the beginning of 1st grade. My father found out about GVSS because a friend informed him about the program and he went onto the internet to find out more. I know he didn't want me wearing glasses even though my eyes were extremely near-sighted. There were three places in New Jersey that did GVSS. But one of the offices was too far away. At the time when I was six, the closest Eyecare center would not accept me as a patient because I was so young. Then my parents went to see Dr. Tannen, where we learned that they would be glad enough to accept me despite my age.

Soon after, I began to see Dr. Despotidis, who helped us get comfortable with the introduction of this new program.

The first day I went there, they didn't have contacts that were small enough to fit my eyes, so they put adult contacts on me instead. They were large on me, and my eyes were very watery. But I could see better, and that was the point. My parents decided to let me try GVSS. Ever since that first day there, my life has changed for the better. Dr. D and the rest of the eyecare staff have been very kind to me, and without their help and reassurance, my eyes would still be worse today.

Dr. Despotidis has always been there for me, making sure that he gave me the best treatment possible. I am so grateful to be able to be his patient because of his guidance.

Today, my eyesight is a reflection of much improvement. At the age of 6, I was Dr. D's youngest ever patient to try GVSS. GVSS produced excellent and satisfying results that lead to progress in vision. It is very easy to use because I have no problem wearing them when I go to sleep rather than during the day. The lenses adjust very well, and wouldn't be a problem even for young patients because I have been through it. I am more than grateful for Dr. D's assistance and dedication to taking care of my near-sighted problems. If I had not been introduced to GVSS, I think that today my vision would only continue to grow worse.

After seeing Dr. D for over six years, I cannot tell you how much this really works. I highly encourage any parents that have near-sighted children to try GVSS because they help people of all ages with vision difficulties.

Having gone through the process and seeing its ongoing and progressive results, I sincerely recommend Dr. Despotidis for his hard work and devotion in caring for his patients.

Mona - Freehold, NJ

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