Dr. Lee wears GVSS lenses

I joined Drs. Tannen and Despotidis in the fall of 1999, in their optometric practice in Hamilton Square, NJ. At the time, I wore eyeglasses because I have severe dry eyes. This condition prevented me from wearing contact lenses comfortably throughout the day.

Dry eyes also made me a poor candidate for LASIK eye surgery. When I joined the practice Dr. Despotidis offered to fit me with GVSS lenses to allow me to see, without wearing eyeglasses. My prescription was -3.75 with a significant amount of astigmatism. I was not familiar with the GVSS technique, but was open to the possibility of seeing during the day without eyeglasses.

I love to play golf and ski, when I'd wear glasses or even soft contact lenses my eyes would dry out. Swimming was uncomfortable, because I could not see my wife or my young son without corrective lenses!

GVSS has worked very well for me; I have not worn contact lenses or eyeglasses since 1999 and my eyes don't dry out, period. I experience some night glare at times and I have to place my GVSS lenses in nightly to maintain my clear vision, but the advantages outnumber the inconveniences several times over. Lastly, my vision has not deteriorated since I started wearing the lenses.

Dr. Ivan Lee, OD

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