Dr. D's sons both wear GVSS lenses

My wife and I did not wear eyeglasses until we were in high school. So when our children, Nicholas and Gregory, began requiring glasses at the age of 7, we were very concerned. It's embarrassing to say, even though I'm an eye doctor, I resented the fact that my children began wearing glasses at such young age.

Nicholas was fit with GVSS lenses at the age of 10, in 1998. He was very motivated because he hated wearing glasses. Since that time, he's never worn eyeglasses or contact lenses and more importantly, his eyesight has not changed.

Gregory was more of a challenge. Gregory was 7 years old when we fit him, in 1999. Wearing eyeglasses did not bother him, even though his vision was worse than his older brother's; Gregory was not motivated. It took a significant amount of patience on my wife's part, until he was able to care for his retainer lenses on his own. Initially, we would help him clean and care for the lenses and he broke and lost a few lenses. Now, several years later, we've all but forgotten those first few months and Gregory does not even remember wearing eyeglasses when he was younger. His myopia (nearsightedness) has also not progressed since he started wearing GVSS lenses.

This is the primary reason I've made GVSS the focus of my practice, my own children have benefited tremendously from this technique and as a parent I understand the concern that occurs when our children's eyes change as they get older.

Dr. D.

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