I maintain a highly active lifestyle...

I maintain a highly active lifestyle, which includes a job in Law Enforcement, participating in numerous sport activities and studying law at a university school. Prior to GVSS, my vision was something to be desired as I despised the reliance and physical attachment to glasses as well as the variability of soft contact lenses. GVSS enabled me to progress in my career, studies and hobbies with the burdensome aforementioned apparatuses. Currently, I have achieved greater vision (20/15)- then previously capable and I would all my success to Dr. Nick Despotidis and the rest of the knowledgeable and caring staff of EyeCare Professionals, P.C.

Thank you!

Jacob - Hamilton Square, NJ

Doctor's Comments:

I fit Jacob with GVSS lenses when he was 15 years old and he continues to sleep with them every night and removes them in the morning. When Jacob was younger, he required freedom from eyeglasses and contacts because he was a star high school baseball player. More recently, I further improved his vision with Paragon CRT lenses, when he became a police officer, his occupation and life depended on "perfect" vision.

Dr. Nicholas Despotidis, OD, FAAO

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