My son has improved his vision from ?5.00 to 20/20

My son has improved his vision from ?5.00 to 20/20. He does not need to wear glasses during the day anymore!

Mr. K. - Plainsboro, NJ

Doctor's Comments:

Stephen was a soft contact lens wearer when I first examined him. His father, Scott's vision was quit bad and his parents were concerned about Stephen's changing eyesight while wearing soft lenses. Even though Stephen wore contacts before entering our GVSS program, it was difficult for him to learn how to place the retainer lenses in his eyes.

It seems like yesterday, Stephen would come into our office, Harry Potter book in hand, to review how to care, insert and remove his GVSS lenses. However, with significant patience, and a few broken lenses, he has become very proficient in caring for his GVSS lenses. I give credit to both his parents for their perseverance throughout the process, it was not easy and they underwent many anxious evenings, while Stephen's proficiency improved. Their efforts have been rewarded, their son's prescription has not changed since I first fit him.

Dr. D

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