I would recommend someone else to have this treatment

I have been able to see better with GVSS. I don't need to wear my glasses. I would recommend someone else to have this treatment. It may be scary, but it is worth it to try.

Jane - Holmdel, NJ

Doctor's Comments:

Jane was 10 years old when her father, Rodger, brought her into our office for a consultation. Her vision was -7.00, much higher than either of her parents, despite being so young. I fit her with GVSS lenses was able to eliminate 90% of her myopia (nearsightedness). Jane maintains 20/30 vision without corrective lenses during the day. She wears a very mild eyeglass prescription when she requires perfect eyesight at a distance, which she uses infrequently. Jane's vision has not changed since I initially fit her in 2002.

Dr. D

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