I don't have to worry about my eyes in the daytime

I noticed that I don't have to worry about my eyes in the daytime. I also noticed that my eyesight didn't get worse ever since I wore GVSS. GVSS is great!

Janice - Morganville, NJ

Doctor's Comments:

Janice developed a very high prescription, at a very young age. Her eyeglass prescription was about -7.00. I took on her case because her mother, Christine, was extremely nearsighted (over -12.00) and she did not want Janice to have the same dependency on contacts or eyeglasses during the day. In fact, her mothers eyes are so bad, she is unable to undergo Laser Eye Surgery, a situation she wants to avoid for her daughter.

Janice was a difficult case due to her prescription and overall shape of her corneas (front of the eye). However, with great effort and patience we successfully fit Janice and her prescription has not changed since 2002.

Dr. D

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