The effect has been perfect and very stable

I would like to express my thanks to you for the GVSS correction for my son, Jianan about his near-sighted eyes.

After the seven months since my son had the GVSS contact lens, the effect has been perfect and very stable, his daytime view is much better than me with the glasses. Since my son had the GVSS contact lens, we do not need to worry the troubles about his wearing the glasses during school day for his physical activities, he has been much more active for his sports activities and he has much more confidence about him. My son, my wife and I are very happy that we found the best and easiest way for my son for his near-sighted eyes.

What is more, the service from your group has been excellent. Especially when I broke one of the contact lens carelessly last month and we needed to go to Canada very soon for the spring break, I reported to you and the next day we got the new one, which surprised us a lot and we did not need to change our travel plans!

Here I would like to thank you very much again. I wish that more and more parents who have the kids with glasses could have luck to meet you and to realize the GVSS so that their kids will be much happier!

Jinming - Ocean, NJ

Doctor's Comments:

Jinming attended a lecture I gave at his son's Chinese School, Huaxia South, in Marlboro, NJ. I remember Jinming because he sat in the front row and asked several important questions. He was concerned about his son's rapidly changing vision, as well as the safety of the GVSS lenses. His son, Jianan, has done wonderfully with the GVSS program, despite being very apprehensive when he first started.

Dr. Nicholas Despotidis, OD, FAAO

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