Freedom from glasses

Freedom from glasses. No more soreness during day with contacts or dust in the eye. People always complement me because I look different and always say how my eyes shine. Wake up with clear vision.

Cindy - Hamilton, NJ

Doctor's Comments:

Cindy presented a challenge because she required the excellent reading vision, as well as distance vision, working in banking. Normally, bifocals would be required in patients over 40 years of age; however, I fit Cindy with a "mono-vision" design, one eye is primarily is used for reading, while the other for driving. As unusual as this sounds, it works quite well for many patients and has been used for years. GVSS has allowed Cindy to work at the bank without the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses throughout the day, while many of her co-workers wear bifocals or progressive eyeglass lenses.

Dr. Ivan Lee, OD

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